Cask Social – Southern Hospitality in SOHO

One of my favorite places to get dinner is at Cask Social Kitchen. You get to experience some of the best southern hospitality located in SOHO at 208 South Howard Ave. Cask Social is a local restaurant which opened in 2013. It focuses on southern cuisine and is home to the “40-minute meal”. 

Seasoned Honey Popcorn

To start, I got Seasoned Honey Popcorn covered with sea salt and honey. It was light, sweet, and savory. It was something to munch on while I waited for my food, but didn’t fill me up that I couldn’t eat my main course.

SOHO Fish Tacos

For my main course, I ordered SOHO Fish Tacos made with flour tortillas, grilled sweet corn pico de gallo, sliced avocado, lime, cilantro, spicy remoulade, and pepper jack cheese. While I ordered fish tacos, this photo is of chicken, but we’re going to ignore that fact.

Sweet Potato Tots

For a side, I ordered Sweet Potato Tots that came with a beer cheese sauce and topped with parmesan and scallions. While I usually don’t like sweet potatoes, this is one of the two places that seem to be an exception.

Hot Brownie Oreo Smash

Of course, you can never leave a restaurant without dessert. I got a convincing argument to try the Hot Brownie Oreo Smash.  It was made up of all of the chocolate goodness and vanilla gelato you could imagine. Ultimately, everything was absolutely delicious!

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