We Went to the Beach…Kinda!

Welcome to The Beach Tampa

This week, @AlwaysAliRey and I went to the premier beach in the sunshine state. But, unlike the normal beaches you would find on the coast this beach was located in the middle of downtown Tampa in the home of the Tampa Bay Lightning, Amalie Arena.


@AlwaysAliRey relaxing at The Beach

The Beach Tampa was absent of white sand and crystal blue water. It was 15,000 sqft of 1,200,000 white recycled balls creating an “ocean”. The monochromatic use of color created a sense of harmony as well as simplicity from the balls to the pier, to the hut. While some were confused by this idea, it was very reminiscent of spending a summer day at the beach. Instead of being in the sweltering sun you were able have some nostalgia and enjoy a different kind of beach.

Over 1.2 million balls created an ocean at The Beach

This free event was designed by Snarkitecture and presented by The Vinik Foundation. This event has provided Tampa residents with a new way to have fun and relax. Patrons are able to play with their kids, de-stress, or take creative photos for their Instagram. Snarkitecture creates a bridge between art and architecture.

@Khadijah_K_ enjoying The BeachThis event has now ended in Tampa, but Snarkitecture has over a dozen other projects. Projects range from being interactive to stores that create an immersive shopping experience. Lets hope Snarkitecture brings another project to the Tampa Bay Area soon.

Last photo before leaving The Beach


  1. Kevin
    August 27, 2016 / 11:00 pm

    This article is so well written. 10/10 would read anything this editor posts.

  2. Jonathab
    August 28, 2016 / 12:41 am

    Wonderful! Eloquently written and nice visuals.

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